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About ZOOfriends

In 1954, the Oklahoma Zoological Society (OZS/ZOOfriends), a nonprofit organization, was created to help support the Oklahoma City Zoo in its mission to be Oklahoma’s premier destination connecting people and our world’s vanishing wildlife and wild places. OZS has been making an impact alongside the OKC Zoo in advancing the experience members and visitors enjoy and connecting guests to wildlife, nature and the environment. This is accomplished through fundraising, ZOOfriends memberships and special events.

Together, OZS and the Zoo are making great strides in improving Oklahoma's number one family destination. With approximately 30,000 ZOOfriends' membership households, our members are directly impacting the Oklahoma City Zoo in a positive way. OZS is proud to give 100% of our membership dollars to the Zoo for special projects, animal habitats, education, animal welfare and conservation initiatives locally and worldwide.

OZS is a separate entity of the OKC Zoo and is governed by a board of directors. The OKC Zoo is a fully accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the American Association of Museums and is accredited as a botanical garden. To learn more about the OKC Zoo visit okczoo.org.

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